Thursday, August 14, 2008

And Then There Were More...

Those of you who have read my blog in the past have probably read my segment on the caught Chupacabra. Well.... they're back. Now, for those of you who haven't ever read my blog before and were just surfing the net and just happened upon this blog I call Crypto-Blog, the Chupacabra that me and the cryptozoology and paranormal sciences of the world have come to recognize as more of a coyote kind of creature has found it's way back to Texas. Study the video.

You'll notice that some of the footage taken here was also in my last blog item video. They talked about the last time a Chupacabra came to Texas. On Friday, August eighth, Corporal Brandon Reidel and his partner were checking fence lines when they spotted the creature. While observing the beast, Reidel went into his squad car and turned on the camera attached to the inside. Reidel and his partner had described the Chupacabra as having a long snout, short front legs, and long hind legs. At first, Reidel said it was a coyote, but when he looked more closely at the footage, he saw these characteristics. They taped the Chupacabra, until it disappeared into the brush. The sheriff says he's happy that Cuero is starting to get some attention for being the Chupacabra capital of the world. This is not, however, good news for the goats.

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