Friday, June 18, 2010

Burke County Bigfoot

Now, before you watch one of the videos, I would like to point out that it's iffy whether we can really trust one of the sources. you'll see what I mean when I say that the man seems just a tad drunk. But, more to the point, it looks like Bigfoot is going South for the Summer break. The tracks leading to the suspicion of trekking ape-men were first found by a man named Pork Lowman while he was walking through the woods in Burke County, NC. The track measured fifteen by eight inches. A farmer also found a track near the intersection of Highway 18 and Hildebran School Road around the southern part of Burke County. Both men knew from the moment they laid eyes on the prints that they were dealing with no ordinary giant footprint. They were dealing with something much more. More on this at the link.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does Anybody Have the Time?

I bet you've been asked the question, "Do you have the time?" Well, I know I have. And, I'm here to say that people have finally taken advantage of the "watch" sound in Sasquatch's name and put it to good use. Featuring, the "Sasqwatch." This is the watch the has a big foot as the frame. Pink. A beautiful color for a hairy foot. A great anniversary or valentine's day present. Now, if you'll notice, the little Sasquatch inside has arms that are telling the minute and the hour? Isn't that special? Honestly, I think this would be worth having. But, at the same time, it perfectly illustrates how much capitalist society has turned a wonder of nature into money making scheme. How grand.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dorset Big Cats Strike Again... 30 Times

The Dorset Big Cat sounds like the name of some obscure high school sports mascot. But, rest assured, this is one weirdly named feline that isn't dancing and cheer-leading. It has been sighted around West Dorset 30 times since Christmas.
According to photographer, Alan McNamee, there is something out there. He has gathered a team of people who will respond to Big Cat sightings as they are reported. Unfortunately, what caused him to go to all of this trouble, was one harrowing experience.
He stated,
"I was working late one night at home and I heard a noise. I went downstairs and looked outside, towards the fields at the back of my house, and I saw that the hedge was thrashing about. Then I saw a large cat with a badger in its mouth. It leapt onto a bank and disappeared. It completely shook me up."
Allan called the police, who very soon after arrived at the scene.
Well, Alan would soon get lots of reports, for there were many more sightings, such as the one on February 19, 2010. A woman was driving over A53 (between Bridgeport and Dorchester) saw it running across a field. Numerous land owners also reported that they saw it. For now, no one is quite certain why the big cats came out now, of all times. But, it's just a matter of time before a pattern is revealed.

Please, stay tuned

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It Came First

Have you ever asked yourself, "what came first: the chicken or the egg?" Well, according to recent findings, the Sinornithosaurus (AKA the Chinese lizard-bird) came before either. There weren't actually any bodies to speak of, but there were fossils that showed plenty of proof.
The fossils seem to say that this turkey-sized bird lizard creature had large fangs that had little grooves inside them. These were supposedly used for biting and injecting venom. Also, the venom wasn't supposed to be lethal; it only would shock the prey so the bird monster could rip it to shreds and viciously devour it.
They also had feathers used for flight on the back of their legs, which showed that it was a four-winged gliding predator. These fossils were found in northeast China and they, according to Larry Martin (a KU scientist), are going to change they way people think of birds and will completely shake up what we know about birds. I would think so, what with the bird being a gliding raptor that could probably tear you in half. Really, I'm not surprised at all.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Most people might say that every Bigfoot sighting is either a pervert in a gorilla suit or an escaped ape from a local zoo trying to make its way home. Most people and their brother would say that every Bigfoot footprint was a fake. But, I bet my blog that no one could disprove a print and a sighting in the same place. I welcome you to San Antonio, Texas.
Local police say that a 'Bigfoot-type' creature was seen lumbering around highway 151 and Loop 1604. Someone called the police and said that a big hairy thing was dragging a deer carcass into the woods. The cops searched the area, but they never found anything.
"If one sighting is real, then that means something is out there," said Rick Tullos, who is a member of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. Tullos was looking for any telltale signs that Bigfoot tried to make a speedy escape, like bent fences or hairs latched onto trees. He and a News 4 WOAI news crew searched the area, but they found nothing. But, wait, what's this? A strange foot print that didn't like like that of a human's? OH MY GOD! WHO CALLED IT? I said at the beginning of this blog that there was going to be both a sighting and a print in the same area and, what do you know, I was right! Anyways, so Tullo said that he was going to test the print to see if it was legit. But, in the meantime, we just sit back and wait for another sighting.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Monster Mash Catches on in a Flash

Hear ye, hear ye! Paranormal enthusiasts of every shape, height, breed, and species, do I have a treat for you. On October 16th, 17th, and 18th, Loren Coleman, Jeff Belanger, and a host of others will be speaking about a number of different subjects involving paranormal incidents, cryptid encounters, and much, much more at the, "2009 Mass Mystery Weekend." Over the course of the three days that his goes on, different lecturers talk about a bunch of different things.
October 16th is the "UFO Show." This features a "lost" interview with Betty Hill to get the ball rolling and then they feature various guest speakers. The speakers will be Nick Redfern (UFO crashes and such), Peter Robbins (The Bentwaters UFO Incident), and John Horrigan (1942 Air Raid and Black Helicopters). There will also be a panel discussion on UFO's that will be hosted by Tim Binnall.
October 17th marks the, "Monster Mash." This is another series of guest speakers such as that lovable cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman (Abominable Snowman), Nick Redfern, again (Chupacabras), Jeff Belanger (White House Ghosts), and Chris Balzano (The Bridgewater Triangle).
October 18th, the final day of the event, is called the, "Mystery Tour." A bus that will be taking you on the tour leaves from Raynham Park in Raynham, MA. It will bring you nto a whole bunch of different places in the Bridgewater Triangle, such as haunted houses, UFO crash sites, and places where strange creatures have been spotted. There wil also be snacks, trivia, and more!
To buy your tickets, visit 2009 Mass Mystery Weekend. You can also go t0o this link for more info. It will be held at Hibernian Hall 151 Watertown St. in Watertown MA. 02471

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bigfoot Hunters Go Hollywood

The recently released Bigfoot documentary, "Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie," meets the expectations of a certain blogger who loves this stuff. The film is about two Bigfoot hunters, Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton, as they cope with problems of the past and the present, and at the same time catch the Bigfoot video of the century. Their quest started when the two spotted a strange creature in the woods near their home town in Ohio, and since then, they've spent valuable time and money on the equipment (AKA, a barbecue, a couple of folding chairs, and a video camera) that they use.
Both Dallas and Wayne seem a little bit emotional, and they don't seem to mind sharing their problems. The sadder interviews show the one of them either crying or talking about past experiences and emo incidents.
Though it really IS (for the most part) an average Bigfoot documentary, the two average joes show their passion for Bigfoot hunting through the interviews and throughout the scenes in the movie. Though you don't get to see Bigfoot, you get to see the lives of two men who have dedicated years of patience and study to this enigma that we call "Sasquatch."