Monday, September 28, 2009

Bigfoot Hunters Go Hollywood

The recently released Bigfoot documentary, "Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie," meets the expectations of a certain blogger who loves this stuff. The film is about two Bigfoot hunters, Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton, as they cope with problems of the past and the present, and at the same time catch the Bigfoot video of the century. Their quest started when the two spotted a strange creature in the woods near their home town in Ohio, and since then, they've spent valuable time and money on the equipment (AKA, a barbecue, a couple of folding chairs, and a video camera) that they use.
Both Dallas and Wayne seem a little bit emotional, and they don't seem to mind sharing their problems. The sadder interviews show the one of them either crying or talking about past experiences and emo incidents.
Though it really IS (for the most part) an average Bigfoot documentary, the two average joes show their passion for Bigfoot hunting through the interviews and throughout the scenes in the movie. Though you don't get to see Bigfoot, you get to see the lives of two men who have dedicated years of patience and study to this enigma that we call "Sasquatch."

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