Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Has the Loch Ness Monster Moved On?

You wonder what happened. You wonder what happened to those now-skeptical Nessie hunters who at one point had been on the hunt for adventure and Nessie. What was it that drove them from their pursuit? Well, some people think that Nessie has... died.
From the beginning people have always been a bit skeptical and have always had their doubts. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but why now? That's a question that has already, to some people, been answered. There have been very strange theories about what Nessie really is from swimming deer to giant eels, but the strangest I've heard is the theory that was started in 2006 by a museum curator by the name of Neil Clark. He had noted that a circus came to Inverness in 1933 and was run by a guy named Bertram Mills and he decide that since Nessie was in the papers so much, he would take advantage of the situation and offer 20,000 pounds for her capture. Well, Neil Clark had a theory that one of Mills' elephants is Nessie swimming in Loch Ness and its head and back are the humps and its trunk is the eerie head that people have been talking about for years.

One of the many respected veteran Nessie hunters is a man named Robert Rines and I have written about him in another one of my blog items. Check it out.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Come to the Bigfoot Lodge! Home of the Sasqutch Burger!

If you think that you can eat any burger possible, then you're wrong. No matter how many Big Macs or Woppers you eat, nothing will compare to the Sasquatch Burger found only on the stoves, andon the plates, of the Bigfoot Lodge in Memphis, Tennessee. The Sasquatch Burger weighs a supreme total of seven and a half pounds!!!! That's more than I've consumed in 3 days!!! Whoever feels that they are up to the task (which I certainly wouldn't be), the people at the Bigfoot Lodge have a challenge for whoever can finish the Sasquatch Burger in 60 minutes or less. The last documented participant of the challenge was a 21-year-old guy named Patrick Bertoletti. Just to tell all you guys who are keeling over trying to imagine themselves trying to consume this enormous burger, fries are optional, so you don't have to try to eat that last bit.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What such phenomena could spread rumors? Who else, but Bigfoot!

There was many a rumor being spread in Hays, Kansas about strange footprints being spotted around there. A certain Ruben Horseman, a volunteer fire chief and well-known fly-on-the-wall of Hays, as you would've guessed, heard the rumor as easy as taking a breath of fresh air. When he heard it, he knew perhaps he should go check it out. With only a camera, two friends, and a hunger for some good info only a man like him could feel, he set out into Mission Canyon, which is just south of Hays. There, they found 25 footprints and numerous hand prints on the wall, one being surrounded by blood and hair, but what they found soon after was one of the most important pieces of the puzzle... I was a half-eaten coyote. Apparently, the coyote had been grabbed by the legs and bitten through the middle, according to Horseman. But, I'm sorry to say that it was a hoax. One of the Tribune's staff, Anthony Shambo, confessed that it was his younger brother, Reno Shambo, trying to pull a prank on his young son. Sorry to break it to you, folks.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wolverines found in Tahoe. Usual Chupacabra sighting? Not likely.

Wolverines are commonly found in Tahoe? Whoever tells you that is a complete moron. California wolverines (scientists believe) became extinct in 1922. Wolverines aren't known to live in Tahoe so the closest thing to it would be a California wolverine. What was this strange creature? The wolverine was found in the Tahoe National Forest captured on a remote camera and it didn't appear to have been from California or Washington. US Forest service scientists told us this. They also told us that it resembled wolverines that they had seen in the Rocky Mountains, but it's not quite clear where it came from... or how it got there. Michael Schwartz, a research ecologist and the genetics team leader for the Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station, basically said that this was a gene similar to wolverines in the Rocky Mountains, Montana, and Wyoming and they can also be found in Canada and Alaska. This is so cool. I never knew wolverines couldn't be found in Tahoe.