Friday, April 18, 2008

What such phenomena could spread rumors? Who else, but Bigfoot!

There was many a rumor being spread in Hays, Kansas about strange footprints being spotted around there. A certain Ruben Horseman, a volunteer fire chief and well-known fly-on-the-wall of Hays, as you would've guessed, heard the rumor as easy as taking a breath of fresh air. When he heard it, he knew perhaps he should go check it out. With only a camera, two friends, and a hunger for some good info only a man like him could feel, he set out into Mission Canyon, which is just south of Hays. There, they found 25 footprints and numerous hand prints on the wall, one being surrounded by blood and hair, but what they found soon after was one of the most important pieces of the puzzle... I was a half-eaten coyote. Apparently, the coyote had been grabbed by the legs and bitten through the middle, according to Horseman. But, I'm sorry to say that it was a hoax. One of the Tribune's staff, Anthony Shambo, confessed that it was his younger brother, Reno Shambo, trying to pull a prank on his young son. Sorry to break it to you, folks.

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