Sunday, April 27, 2008

Come to the Bigfoot Lodge! Home of the Sasqutch Burger!

If you think that you can eat any burger possible, then you're wrong. No matter how many Big Macs or Woppers you eat, nothing will compare to the Sasquatch Burger found only on the stoves, andon the plates, of the Bigfoot Lodge in Memphis, Tennessee. The Sasquatch Burger weighs a supreme total of seven and a half pounds!!!! That's more than I've consumed in 3 days!!! Whoever feels that they are up to the task (which I certainly wouldn't be), the people at the Bigfoot Lodge have a challenge for whoever can finish the Sasquatch Burger in 60 minutes or less. The last documented participant of the challenge was a 21-year-old guy named Patrick Bertoletti. Just to tell all you guys who are keeling over trying to imagine themselves trying to consume this enormous burger, fries are optional, so you don't have to try to eat that last bit.

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