Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dorset Big Cats Strike Again... 30 Times

The Dorset Big Cat sounds like the name of some obscure high school sports mascot. But, rest assured, this is one weirdly named feline that isn't dancing and cheer-leading. It has been sighted around West Dorset 30 times since Christmas.
According to photographer, Alan McNamee, there is something out there. He has gathered a team of people who will respond to Big Cat sightings as they are reported. Unfortunately, what caused him to go to all of this trouble, was one harrowing experience.
He stated,
"I was working late one night at home and I heard a noise. I went downstairs and looked outside, towards the fields at the back of my house, and I saw that the hedge was thrashing about. Then I saw a large cat with a badger in its mouth. It leapt onto a bank and disappeared. It completely shook me up."
Allan called the police, who very soon after arrived at the scene.
Well, Alan would soon get lots of reports, for there were many more sightings, such as the one on February 19, 2010. A woman was driving over A53 (between Bridgeport and Dorchester) saw it running across a field. Numerous land owners also reported that they saw it. For now, no one is quite certain why the big cats came out now, of all times. But, it's just a matter of time before a pattern is revealed.

Please, stay tuned

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