Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bigfoot Returns

In June, a 30 inch statue of Bigfoot was stolen from the Niki's Quick Six off Route 56 in Spring Church, Pa., about 20 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Nicole Hosak, owner of the convenience store, said that the most depressing part of the whole affair was that the Bigfoot statue was the thing that everybody loved to look at, young and old. Nicole had received this statue as a Christmas present from her husband. Last week, the man behind the theft was caught and she got her Mini-Sasquatch back... well, at least another one. A man named Craig Woolheater had read the story on a site and took pity. He called Nicole and promised that if it wasn't returned, he would get her a new Bigfoot statue. Police caught and charged Joshua E. Duncan, 32, of Ford City with the theft and tried to get him to return it but to no avail.
Upon learning this, Woolheater kept to his word. He called the manufacturer, Design Toscano, which donated a replacement. . Woolheater and an official from the Bigfoot Society drove two hours with the replacement Bigfoot to the Niki's Quick Six. Even though she knew he was coming, it was still a huge shock to see Woolheater walk in with a Bigfoot statue.
This is a gerat story with a happy ending. But the whole thing is kind of like the real thing. The search for Bigfoot, I mean. He comes, and he goes, and he comes back again. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Seriously.

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