Friday, February 29, 2008

Is the new r.c. Nessie such a good thing?

Cryptozoologists are wondering: Is the new r.c. Loch Ness Monster going to make children happy, or make cryptozoologists everywhere crazy? The Takara toy company has released a radio controlled Nessie that goes 5 m.p.h. and dips underwater. Cryptozoologists ask: is this going to cause more Nessie hoaxes? The toy may turn out like the incident with the surgeon's photo, one of the most famous Nessie hoaxes. At least in my opinion it might. Loren Coleman thinks the same as me. He says that the toy might not be clearly seen on foggy nights and cause a ruckus. Of course, there was already a Bigfoot toy made and that caused a few mishaps, but we learn from our mistakes. People have already learned it is good to check it, in case it's a hoax, but Loren Coleman also says that it might be harder to make out.

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Alex said...

I think your right.