Monday, March 3, 2008

UC Berkeley, I see Cripplefoot

Look out!! Bigfoot's at Berkeley!! No. Just kidding. But this hilarious joke (no matter how funny it is) doesn't explain this question, what did leave footprints at Berkeley? That's exactly what Marc Centin, an exhibition designer at Hearst Museum, and Sherrilyn Roush, an associate professor at UC Berkeley want to know. The picture to the right shows the footprints casted by the late anthropologist, Grover Krantz, which he donated in 1970. The casting shows one normal print (normal, meaning normal for a Big-footed cryptid.) and the other is sorta deformed (Yes. I know it's already deformed being big.)
In my opinion, the deformed (do I have to go over this again?) foot might just be messy casting. But, who am I to judge the cryptozoological mysteries of this world.

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