Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Derry Area Sees Fabled Man-Ape

The Township of Derry has many events to offer. They have festivals of all sorts, but there was one event that they people of Derry were not prepared for. During one of the events taking place, people claim to have caught their eye on what appeared to be a man-ape. That's right readers. we're talking about Bigfoot!!! The local person in charge of strange occurrences, Stan Gordon, had been the local expert on all unexplained phenomenons since 1959 had been taking notes on Bigfoot, and a lot of other cryptids. Last year, Stan's notes traced Bigfoot, with the help of the reports he had gotten, to Westmoreland County, more specifically, Chestnut Ridge. By what Stan says, the local residents of the county see strange footprints and noises that scare their pets.

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J Short said...

I don't know. To be quite honest, I'm not all that impressed or intrigued by Bigfoot. It's not that I don't believe, it's simply that I just don't find Bigfoot very interesting. Lochness monster, awesome. Mastodons, great. UFOs, always please. But something about Bigfoot I've just never found very interesting. Maybe because he's one of the most talked about and media driven fables? that the excitment is less for me, I just know what I find interesting!