Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's Beneath Lake Pepin?

Have you heard the news? There's a monster at the bottom of Lake Pepin in Minnesota! Three years ago, a man Steve Raymond said that he saw some sort of creature with three humps and he believes that it may have just been a log. When he took a closer look, the log went under water. Good thing before it went under water he took a picture. When he developed the picture he said that it looked a lot like a sea serpent. Three years later he can't find the picture, but they at least gave him a name. Maybe not a fierce name, but a name that fits. He was named Peppy.


NessieHunter said...

The "Peppi" legend dates back to the late 1800s.

Anonymous said...

My cousins live on Lake Pepin, and they swear they've seen Pepie.