Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Bee Bothers British Boy Before Bombarding Bystanders

Bees typically die after stinging. That wasn't the case this time, though. A Dorset, England, mother and her son, Helene and Magnus Marshall, were walking one day when Helene heard a horrible noise coming from Magnus and Magnus said that there was a fly in his hair, so Helene went to go check it out and there was this HUGE bee in his hair trying to dig into his head. Helene picked it out and when it came out it flew into the air and went straight for the back of her head. She was really scared and asked another woman that was getting out of her car to help her and she did, but the bee came back and went into the woman's hair. Helene helped her get it out and afterwards they beat it to death. Like I said in the beginning, usually in Dorset after one sting the bees die. Helene said that it was probably from somewhere else. Also, I know you think that Helene doesn't count as a bystander if she's also the victim, bit Magnus got attacked first and the woman in the car had nothing to do with it in the first place except for when she helped the Marshalls.

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