Monday, June 16, 2008

Italy: Home To Exotic Wildlife, like Unicorns

Italy is a captivating place. Places to see, things to do, and feelings of romance to be felt. Italy has everything... including unicorns. This is actually a Roe Deer (nicknamed "Unicorn") who was born with one horn unlike his brother, who was born with two (I know I'm making a two-horned deer a big deal even though every deer is supposed to have one, but hey, let's focus on the unicorn, shall we?) Unicorn was born in the town of Prato near Florence, Italy. But here's the thing, Unicorn isn't the only one-horned deer that ever lived, but they're rare and Unicorn is a rare case because his horn is in the middle of his forehead when normal one-horned deer (I can't believe I'm calling them normal) usually has the horn on one side of his head, so he's pretty rare. I can't say that I've ever seen one of these remarkable one-horned deer, but they sound awesome!!!

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